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Tea & Herb Apothecary 
Healing Herbal Remedies

I blend looseleaf herbs and botanicals using the wisdom of Ayurveda to support your daily rituals and self-care practices. All of my concoctions are made by hand with love and deep respect for the healing they can bring you. I use only pure and organic (when possible) ingredients, and my creations are bestowed with an intention for your longevity. 

love, Katherine


Healing HerbalTea Blends

A simple cup of tea can bring great pleasure. It also can bring tremendous healing. Depending on the blend, one cup can provide anti-oxidants, contain anti-inflammatory properties, be a tonic to the brain, heart, GI, liver, and lungs, deliver nutrients and minerals to the body and more.


Choose one of my established blends or create a customized blend just for you.


Herbal oil

Floral Essences

Floral essences are a gift of nature to the subtle field of the mind. Every flower carries a vibrational sentiment that when introduced into your being can invoke the same vibration. For example, a floral essence made using the flower "impatience" could help someone start to experience more patience in daily life. Tasteless and odorless, the process to make floral essences capture the vibration only, not the fragrance constituents. Powerful healing tools for emotional wellbeing and balance, setting intentions and goals, floral essences are subtle yet incredibly effective and a must for your personal apothecary.

Ayurveda Box

Each turn of the season, I bundle together a medley of  Ayurvedic essentials that support your health and wellbeing in a delightful Ayurveda Self-Care Box! All of my products are homemade with simple, pure raw materials, organic if possible, and preservative-free. Contents change to match the season and generally include:

an Ayurvedic tea blend

herbal healing remedies

 homemade ghee

 spice blend

abhyanga oil

natural skincare

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