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My name is...

Whether it is your body, your spirit or your home, I have the gift of  knowing  what's needed for you to feel whole again.

I love nothing more than witnessing the transformation people need to get un-stuck and fully step into themselves. I truly believe my purpose in life is to help you fall in love with living 

Katherine in the kitchen.jpg
My Toolbox

Ayurveda | Yoga | Reiki

Feng Shui | Home Organization | Creative Design

Healing Herb Concoctions

Compassion | Intuition | Wisdom

and most importantly


"I feel so seen and supported."
"You really help me, even more than rehab."
"You have an uncanny knack for seeing into the psyche."
"I never feel judged."
"You are an angel."
"You sparked a deeper healing for me, and for that I have so much gratitude."

"My life has changed because of you."

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