Beach Grace

Beach Grace provides an intimate healing experience in a private residence just steps away from the beach. Access to nature, the many nearby amenities and an environment devoted to your self care make this coastal home truly unique.

Healing by the Shore

At Beach Grace, the beach is more than a scenic backdrop—it's the heartbeat of our sanctuary. Time has a way of slowing down at the beach, providing the stillness you need for clarity and peace. Let the sand ground you, the ocean teach you, and the rhythmic waves soothe your very essence. Immerse in nature's embrace as the saltwater heals and rejuvenates your entire spirit.

Exclusive Coastal Luxury

Situated in the charming Cinnamon Shore development in Port Aransas, Texas, Beach Grace offers more than just a house—it promises an unparalleled experience. Among the many amenities to choose from include gorgeous pools heated year-round, fitness gym, and outdoor community areas. Here, every guest is celebrated, enveloped in an ambiance that seamlessly blends luxe coastal living with soulful transformation.

A Home With Heart

Our home becomes your home during your stay. Enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom with an en suite bathroom, where resting and downtime are encouraged. Every nook of Beach Grace is imbued with intention and blessed with grace. From the full herbal apothecary, healing crystals supporting high vibrations each room to the energy that forms its foundation, this is a space crafted with care and purpose. Beach Grace is more than architecture—it's a living testament to mindful living.

Chart Your Path to Wellness

Strategically located near Corpus Christi and within easy reach from San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, Beach Grace is your accessible escape on the south Texas coast. A swift flight into Corpus ensures your journey is as relaxing as your stay.