Katherine Galligan Retreats

Detox and Rejuvenation Stay

The Detox and Rejuvenation Stay is a six-day, complete immersion into a comprehensive package of customized healing. You'll experience a very tailored journey for holistic renewal and personal transformation in an intimate setting.

Weekend Reprieve

The Weekend Reprieve is a long weekend dedicated to unplugging, self-care and living purposefully. Under Katherine's calming presence, you'll experience a serene weekend dedicated to your personal restoration.

Group Retreats

Bring a small group to Beach Grace to cultivate healing and growth under Katherine’s nurturing guidance. Experience a customized retreat tailored to your desires using Beach Grace as your backdrop.  

Day Package

Be a VIP for a day at Beach Grace and immerse yourself in a day full of luxurious self care. Ayurveda rejuvenation, healthy cuisine, yoga & meditation and closing cacao ceremony will leave you feeling restored and revitalized.


Unfold a myriad of transformative experiences, harmoniously curated to elevate your well-being.

Individual Health Consultations

Experience a comprehensive health assessment and receive personalized recommendations rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to transform your health.

Healthy Cuisine

Food is medicine. A healthy and nurturing diet is the foundation to thriving health, and Katherine loves few things more than to help her clients fall in love with the kitchen. Learn how to weave Ayurvedic principles into your cooking and craft meals that support healthy digestion and your well-being goals.

Ayurvedic Body Rejuvenation

Renew yourself with time-honored Ayurvedic therapies, from the soothing Abhyanga oil massage to the tranquil Shirodhara treatment.

Energy Healing

Tap into the resonating power of sound, the gentle flow of Reiki, and the mystique of light language to heal your subtle energy body.

Intuitive Tea Readings

Sit with Katherine for a tea reading session, and she’ll craft a highly personalized looseleaf tea blend from her apothecary for you to take home. Using her knowledge of herbs and botanicals while connecting with you intuitively, Katherine creates the perfect blend to support your healing on all levels.

Guidance and Coaching

Uncover any blindspots to reveal the inspiration that lies within. Empower yourself, understand your tremendous potential, and chart a path filled with purpose and passion.


Beach Grace

Where the sands ground you, the ocean's waves bring balance, and every breeze whispers transformation, Beach Grace is a magical coastal cottage tucked away in Cinnamon Shores of Port Aransas, Texas.

Special Offers

A Retreat Beyond the Ordinary

Being in a group setting isn't just about shared experiences; it's about shared growth. Together, we hold space for one another with grace to move through the next threshold of our journey toward personal evolution.

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Personal Rejuvenation Stay
Personal Rejuvenation Stay

Immerse yourself in a dedicated sanctuary of holistic rejuvenation. Under Katherine's nurturing guidance, you'll experience a journey personally tailored for renewal and relaxation. With a capacity for 2-4 guests, this intimate setting includes daily Ayurvedic treatments, nourishing meals, yoga self-care practices, energy work, self-reflection, coaching sessions, personalized nutrition guidance and a customized health plan to take home. Reconnect with yourself on a deep level.

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Weekend Reset
Weekend Reset

The Weekend Retreat entails a complete immersion into your comprehensive package of customized healing. Under Katherine's nurturing guidance, you'll experience a personally tailored journey for holistic renewal and personal transformation.

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Guest Reviews

"Time with Katherine, whether it be her Ayurvedic treatments, learning how to cook a beautiful meal that’s healthy and nurturing to the body and soul, or whether it’s moving our body with breathing and yoga practice, always promises an uplifting, comforting, relaxing, and peaceful retreat. Beach Grace, since it is Katherine‘s creation, offers nothing less than this same luxury as a container for all of these practices. Time with Katherine at Beach Grace gives a feeling of release, a sense of safety, and a space to embrace yourself at a higher level. It is not just a one-time thing for me; I have committed to seasonal retreats with Katherine at Beach Grace."

Darlene O.
Guest Reviews

"I have had the pleasure of attending local workshops, full moon gatherings and done some traveling on some incredible retreats with Katherine and let me tell you, Katherine puts soo much love and intention into everything she does! She can cook up the most delicious body healing foods and enrich your spirit with her yoga, workshops and she has an incredible way of knowing just what you need to revive your soul! Thank you for your restorative yoga, food and more! Looking forward to more adventures!"

Lisa S.
Guest Reviews

"I've had the privilege of experiencing a wide range of offerings from Katherine Galligan, and I can't praise her enough. From Ayurvedic coaching to body treatments, personalized teas, and herbal remedies, Katherine is a true expert in her field. Her retreats, combining yoga, group facilitation, and cooking, are exceptional experiences that showcase her diverse talents.

Katherine's depth of wisdom, her love for her clients, and her integrity are truly beyond measure. Whether you seek her guidance for wellness, relaxation, or personal growth, just being in her presence is a healing and magical experience in itself. If you ever have the opportunity to receive services or teachings from Katherine in any capacity, consider yourself one of the lucky ones, and don't hesitate to say yes! She's a true gem!"

Jennifer W.
Guest Reviews

"I once heard someone say they wanted to marry Katherine's food, which I think perfectly encapsulated the feel and quality of her cooking.  My analogy is: a cheesecake is like a one night stand, but Katherine's food is like a loving relationship. You know it's giving you wholesome substance that will fill you up with no regrets and taste sooo good. I've actually had moments where I'm in the middle of a conversation and take a first bite of Katherine's meal and am stopped by how good it tastes. Words can't do it justice; you really must try for yourself.  I truly believe Katherine is the secret ingredient to each meal she cooks. Hard for anyone to duplicate."

Lauren M.
Guest Reviews

"You always initiate me into action. Every time I’m lucky enough to get to connect with you, I feel impacted & inspired to action. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and value your presence in the world and in my life. Your kindness and loving support helped me navigate an incredibly challenging time of my life. "

Aaron E.