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You were led here because you are committed to your health and so I could support you in the process. I'm devoted to helping people improve their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing with my special brand of tricks. Let's get started because there's no time to waste feeling anything other than radiant.  Thank you for showing up -- I've been waiting for you,




I offer a few different healing modalities to support your journey toward improved health. Drawing from my background in Ayurveda, herbal medicine, yoga, reiki, and coaching, we compile the elements that will support you best. Whether you need a rejuvenating reprieve at my beach house, individual sessions, a travel retreat to fill your spirit, to gather from my healing apothecary or all of the above, I cannot wait to work with you. 

Beach Vacation

Beach Grace
Plan Your Beach Retreat

Retreat to Beach Grace offers a unique beach house experience that provides a sacred container for retreats, healing, and healthy living. Embark on a magical journey of restoration and  immersive self-care while being inspired to live a more creative and purposeful life. Join me at Beach Grace and allow me to nurture you on your journey of inspired living.

Semicircle of Crystals

Katherine's Offerings
Intentional & Inspired Living

One way to accomplish healthy living is through meaningful gatherings. I believe that great things happen when we come together, which is why I offer retreats, educational workshops, full moon gatherings plus coaching sessions, all on a piecemeal basis or bundled into one ticket. Join me and discover how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Tea Apothecary     Healing Herbal Tea Blends

A simple cup of tea can bring great pleasure. It also can bring tremendous healing. That is why I create unique healing herbal tea blends made with organic ingredients and a lot of love. My carefully crafted teas are designed to bring emotional, physical and spiritual health to every cup. Explore my selection and find the perfect blends for you.

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