Weekend Reset

The Weekend Retreat entails a complete immersion into your comprehensive package of customized healing. Under Katherine's nurturing guidance, you'll experience a personally tailored journey for holistic renewal and personal transformation.

Weekend Reset

Situated inthe charming Cinnamon Shore development Port Aransas, Texas, Beach Grace offers more than just a house—it promises an unparalleled experience. Here, every guest is celebrated, enveloped in an ambiance that seamlessly blends luxe coastal living with soulful transformation.

With a capacity for 2-4 guests, this intimate setting includes an Ayurvedic body treatment, nourishing meals, yoga and pranayama practices, energy work, self-reflection, group sessions, nutrition education and a fresh mindset to take home. While there is plenty of time for rest and relaxation, prepare for a deep dive into self exploration and healing on multiple levels.

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Upcoming Dates

January 11-14, 2024

January 18-21, 2024

February 8-11, 2024

March 21-24, 2024

April 4-7, 2024

May 2-5, 2025

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