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Individual Health Consultations

Experience a comprehensive health assessment and receive personalized recommendations rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to transform your health. Whether you are seeking treatment of an existing pathology, diet and lifestyle counseling or simply education about this vast science, Katherine offers programs to individuals ready to elevate their health.

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Cooking, Cuisine, & the Kitchen

Food is medicine. A healthy and nurturing diet is the foundation to thriving health, and Katherine loves few things more than to help her clients fall in love with the kitchen. Learn how to weave Ayurvedic principles into your cooking and craft meals that support healthy digestion and your well-being goals. Katherine offers cooking classes and kitchen & pantry makeovers for households and small groups. Please inquire for rates.

Ayurvedic Body Rejuvenation

Renew yourself with time-honored Ayurvedic therapies, from the soothing Abhyanga oil massage to the tranquil Shirodhara treatment. Each style of treatment can be scheduled individually or bundled into a blissful trio of services. They take place in the serenity of Beach Grace, Katherine’s coastal cottage in Cinnamon Shore.

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Intuitive Tea Readings

Sit with Katherine for a tea reading session, and she’ll craft a highly personalized looseleaf tea blend from her apothecary for you to take home. Using her knowledge of herbs and botanicals while connecting with you intuitively, Katherine creates the perfect blend to support your healing on all levels.

Energy Healing

Tap into the resonating power of sound, the gentle flow of Reiki, and the mystique of light language to heal your subtle energy body. Sessions begin with a discussion, followed by a peaceful meditative experience in the privacy of Beach Grace.


Guidance and Coaching

Uncover any blindspots to reveal the inspiration that lies within. Empower yourself, understand your tremendous potential, and chart a path filled with purpose and passio


Beyond Retreats

Health Consultations and Coaching

Katherine works with clients committed to shifting their health, which takes time. Choose between a three-month or six-month program.

Three-month Package

(five 1-hour sessions)  


This package is perfect for short-term goals. We work together by meeting at regular intervals within a three-month time span to help you stay the course. Let's start with a discovery call.

Six-month Package

(ten 1-hour sessions)  


This package is perfect for longer-term needs. We work together by meeting at regular intervals within a six-month time span to help you realize your objectives. Let's start with a discovery call.

Single Visit

(60 minutes)


This option is available for returning clients who need a check-in appointment.

Ayurveda Body Rejuvenation

Abhyanga / Snehana

(75 minutes)



(60 minutes)



(45 minutes)


Trio of Services

Abhyanga, Shirodhara and Snehana

(Two hours)


Intuitive Tea Readings

(45 minutes)


Energy Healing

(60 minutes)


Healthy Cuisine

(Rates vary)

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Beyond Retreats

Local Offerings

One way to accomplish healthy living is through meaningful gatherings. Great things happen when we come together. Please join me and other like-minded people for wellness classes, travel retreats and seasonal ritual ceremonies in living a powerful and purposeful life!

Tea Apothecary

A cup of tea is Katherine’s favorite way to deliver herbal medicine to the body. Easier for the liver to process than a supplement, the healing properties of herbs support organ function, the nervous system, emotional wellbeing, and more. Katherine blends loose leaf herbs and botanicals using the wisdom of Ayurveda to support your daily rituals and self-care practices. All concoctions are made by hand with love and deep respect for the healing they provide. Using only pure and organic (if possible) ingredients, all her creations are bestowed with an intention for your longevity. Choose from over 20 crafted blends or request Katherine to design a personalized one. 

A Year of Wellness Package

Being grounded in your wellness goals requires time, accountability and support. Work with Katherine, a certified Ayurveda Health Practitioner and trained life coach, in addition to  your stay at Beach Grace with routine health check-ins, nutrition planning, herbal protocols, life coaching sessions, and standing invitations to community gatherings. Commit to one whole year with Katherine’s annual package and truly transform your health.  

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