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The Weekend Reprieve is a long weekend dedicated to unplugging, self-care and personal manifestation. Under Katherine's calming presence, you'll experience a serene weekend dedicated to your personal restoration. Great to do with a friend, as a couple or on your own, this retreat includes a trio of Ayurvedic body treatments, nourishing meals, yoga and pranayama practices, energy work, self-reflection, intentional rest, and a fresh mindset to take home. While there is plenty of time to unwind and decompress, prepare to devote time to envisioning your next manifestation.

Beach Grace

Situated in the charming Cinnamon Shore development in Port Aransas, Texas, Beach Grace offers more than just a high vibrational house—it promises an unparalleled experience. Among the many amenities to choose from include gorgeous pools heated year-round, fitness gym, and outdoor community areas. Here, every guest is celebrated, enveloped in an ambiance that seamlessly blends luxe coastal living with soulful transformation.

Healthy Cuisine

A highlight to your stay, relish in the love Katherine infuses into her cooking and feel nourished to the depth of your being. All meals are included, made with fresh organic ingredients that are nutrient-dense. Ayurvedic principles are woven into each carefully crafted meal to support healthy digestion and align with your well-being goals. Your individual health assessment will help determine what is needed to restore balance in the body, provide optimum energy levels and reduce inflammation if needed. All food sensitivities and dietary preferences are accommodated.

Body Treatments

The Weekend Reprieve includes the timeless trio of Ayurvedic Abhyanga, Shirodhara and Svedana treatments. These deeply healing treatments are conducted in the tranquil ambiance of the queen’s suite. Abhyanga rejuvenates the body, brings out your inner beauty, calms the nervous system and balances the doshas. As it involves the application of oil or “sne,” which is the word for oil AND love in Sanskrit, with every Ayurvedic treatment you’ll feel a deep sense of self-love.


Some time will be spent in self-reflection during your reprieve. A fun project is provided to help you identify the next threshold you want to break through. Katherine provides coaching to help reveal any blindspots that may be dampening the inspiration that lies within. Empower yourself, tap into your tremendous potential, and chart the next phase of your life with purpose and passion.

Daily Routine

We follow a bit of a schedule at Beach Grace while allowing space to flow as well as plenty of time to rest and enjoy the amenities at Cinnamon Shore. Basic self-care practices that incorporate the Ayurvedic clock are integral to the Rejuvenation Stay. To connect deeply to your body and cultivate a more integrated relationship with your highest self, each day begins with guided yoga, pranayama and meditation sessions followed by time in nature. Herbal protocols are timed around meals, and wake times and bed times are observed to optimize hormone and digestive function. Every evening ends with an intentional ceremony aligned with the day’s theme.

Retreat Roadmap

Step 1: Book a complimentary Discovery Call.

Step 2: Choose your retreat dates.

Step 3: Schedule your Virtual Intake session to occur prior to your arrival.

Step 4: Schedule your Virtual Pre-arrival Call.

Step 5: Arrive in time for the Welcome Ceremony.

Step 6: Experience your retreat and leave with a whole new sense of purpose!

Planning Details


The investment in your Weekend Reprieve is $2,250 per person for private room. Spots are reserved with a deposit for half of your retreat price, with the remainder of payment due 7 days prior to arrival.

Limited Time Offer:

Your comfort is our priority, and we appreciate your understanding regarding current construction near the house. As a token of gratitude, we're excited to extend a special Limited Time Introductory Offer to you. For a limited period, you can secure your rejuvenation retreat for the reduced rate of $1,750 ($500 discount).


Your personal rejuvenation begins on Thursday afternoon at 3pm and ends on the following Sunday at 10am. Please designate your preferred date on the Retreat Application or contact us for your request.

Retreat application

Connect with Katherine

The best way to get started is to reach out to Katherine. Choosing yourself is a big decision, and you may want to have a sounding board. Together you can plan your personal rejuvenation stay, address any questions, and make the magic of Beach Grace your reality. Please book a complimentary discovery call at your earliest convenience.

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