Post-Thanksgiving Detox

Weekend retreat to reset and renew


Join us November 30-December 3 for a retreat with Katherine at Beach Grace, a one-of-a-kind beach house location on the Texas coast. Enjoy calming activities like yoga and pranayama and enjoy your downtime utilizing the cleansing power of Ayurvedic herbs and teas. Lodging and meals are included in your stay.


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Spend the weekend at Beach Grace and we'll press the reset button on health

I am so excited to host my first retreat at my new beach house, Beach Grace, with a healthy theme to boot! If you'd like to immerse yourself in a weekend full of healthy intentional living, please join us. We'll press the "reset" button post-Thanksgiving to mitigate all the shenanigans AND establish a good foundation as we head into the holiday season. Clean eating, digestive herbs, detox teas, exercise, yoga, the WORKS!


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